Georgiana Cojocaru

Georgiana Cojocaru (b.1991) attended a B.A and an M.A program at the Philology Department of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University Iași and three semesters of academic exchange at "Friedrich Schiller" Universität Jena. She dedicated her undergraduate thesis to the study of emerging artistic and literary practices of the 21st century and finished her graduate studies with a dissertation on botanical and posthumanist reveries in H.D Thoreau's late works.
Currently she is working on projects that match her research pursuits in ergodic literature, media archeology, (post)digital art, critical theory, affect aesthetics, postphenomenology and philosophy of science.
She wants to write a study on Erkki Kurunniemi. For starters.

March 11, 2016

Modernism 4.0. Forever (in)visible

"I am the invisible man" at MNAC sets out to carry on the human/non-human tension which was at stake in the first part of the project “The white dot and the black cube”.

— Georgiana Cojocaru