August 12, 2017

Mobile Biennial

I’ve come to believe that art that works is the one which creates new frames for various entities to intervene in, with a noticeable degree of imagination, freedom and intelligence.

— Cristina Bogdan

August 1, 2017

The Sacred Spectacle

The Hierophant was less about art and more about show, but unfortunately it did not rise to the name or transcendence of the archetypal figure of The Prophet/Teacher.

— Marina Oprea

July 24, 2017

Meeting the Stars

A fragmentary survey of the young art scene in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow, as seen between May 29th and June 14th.

— Rareș Grozea

July 15, 2017


An interview with artist Irina Dumitrașcu Măgurean about her photography work, her recent exhibitions and about the artist-run space Camera at the Center of Interest in Cluj.   

— Ada Muntean