Andra Chițimuș

Andra Chitimus is a Romanian sound artist and researcher.
She earned a Masters in art history at Paris 8 with Roberto Barbanti, focusing on sound art, followed by a DNASAP/MFA, working with installation and performance art at Ecole Nationale de Beaux Arts de Paris, under the tutelage of artists Jean-Luc Vilmouth and Guillaume Paris.
In 2010 she started Feral N0is3, a photography project documenting the experimental music scene in Paris. Feral N0is3's approach is very much in tune with the DIY, improvised nature of the very music it investigates, using analogue photography from 35mm to slide film and disposable cameras to capture its raw, untamed energy.
She recently started doing a weekly show, Healing Music, on Pigalle Paris Radio, showcasing her latest sonic hangups.
Might be late with her Revista ARTA deadlines because she got too much into writing that wacky review for a New Zealand psychedelic drone album for The Attic Magazine.
Currently hops between Amsterdam, Bucharest and Paris for various art projects and DJ gigs.

September 15, 2017

New Kids On The Eastern Block

Prague contemporary art may not be all that exciting, but the infusion of fresh blood and downright badassery from those crusty club kids might just be what they should be looking for.

— Andra Chițimuș

September 1, 2016

Almost a Holiday

The sheer existence of an event such as Outernational Days, especially in a context like Bucharest, is a pretty huge, almost miraculous deal.

— Andra Chițimuș

May 5, 2016

Three Nights Under the Full Moon

Due to a fortunate coincidence this year, the Rokolectiv electronic music and art festival seems to have benefited from this lunar tutelage.

— Andra Chițimuș