April 30, 2015

Self-portrait with Indoor Plant

Ana Maria Micu’s latest project is the route of a mature artist, capable of successfully working with various media and of studying the mechanisms of visual images.

— Alina Petrescu

April 28, 2015

Talking About My Generation

Part of a series of events celebrating 25 years since the fall of the wall, The Forgotten Pioneer Movemen strikes a different chord, if nothing else, because it works with the notion of 'psychodrama'.

— Xandra Popescu

April 25, 2015

Upside Down

The show at the Center for Visual Arts by renowned artist Philippe Ramette is a surprise for the Bucharest art scene because it has an accuracy that could be considered “too much”, “too aesthetic”.

— Adina Mocanu

April 7, 2015

Like for Like CNDB

The last weekend of February saw the closing ceremonies of the second edition of Like CNDB#1 that brought a relevant selection of contemporary choreography shows to the Stere Popescu stage.

— Valentina Iancu