June 22, 2018

Lipstick Portraits

Franz Cerami wishes to mix and merge the narratives rooted in intimate life, while also examining the metamorphosis of meaning from the private to the digital space.

— Alexandra Cozma

June 3, 2018

How the world finally became a fable

The extra mile is the new exhibition of Galeria Nicodim, although in this case the works of Cristian Răduţă do not follow the formal logic of the ex-position.

— Emilian Mărgărit

June 3, 2018

Left and Left Performance Histories

Pre ‘89 Eastern Europe, as hard as it is to speak about it as an entity, concedes freaky, unwilling-to-behave political and apolitical artistic expressions in the show Left Performance Histories.

— Jasmina Al-Qaisi