Florin Flueras

Florin Flueras works with performance, text and the creation of “esthetic entities”. The entities are complex compositions of people, concepts, processes, capacities, frames - artworks as artworlds. Artworld, Black Hyperbox, Dead Thinking, Dreaming the End of Dreaming, Postspectacle, Presidential Candidacy, Collapse Yoga, Artificial Emotional Intelligence, Real Virtual Reality are some of the projects and entities developed and presented in different international contexts in the last years. He is currently interested in how approaches and forms of thinking from new technologies could be abstractly explored in apparently unrelated art practices. A dynamic of speculative alienation from concepts through practices and from experience through concepts is constantly part of his work.


September 26, 2016

Esthetic Entities

In the past ten years entities with a complex esthetic operativity emerged in the zones of dance and visual arts of Bucharest. Attempts at understanding them are mostly made by insiders.

— Florin Flueras