Yigru Zeltil

Yigru Zeltil (pen name of Florin Ionescu) was born in 1992 in Constanța. He graduated from the Literature department of the Ovidiu University in Constanța. He is the author of several literary magazines and sites, as well as an official poetry book („cacao”, 2012, which received the USR Dobrogea prize) and several unofficial online and print editions, the latter handmade by Alina Pachițanu. He has a art column in the Constanța Gazette, and contributed to WikiArt and to various other art sites.


January 26, 2016


Andreea-Lorena Buțincu’s first solo show, “Skinned” is an ambiguous success: it seems to be asking the viewer for a bivalent reception, with the works themselves in an in-between state.

— Yigru Zeltil

September 13, 2015

Dressing the Body

A retrospective of one of the foremost representatives of the 80s painters generation, Petru Lucaci, is on show at the Constanța Museum of Art.

— Yigru Zeltil