Art Lover Looking for Cultural Policies

August 3, 2016

Love. Unconditionally

In the classic movie „An Affair to remember” (1957), the divine Cary Grant answers to the dilemma of "What makes life so difficult" with "people", of course.

— Andreea Grecu

July 3, 2016

Your summery fix

Until we get to reach the elite and / or mass culture, we urgently need to access the culture of good manners. Violence and the lack of goodwill is poisoning our days, our roads.

— Andreea Grecu

June 9, 2016

The Ministry of Lost Decades

The instinct that probably saved entire generations of humans by switching to fight or flight mode, fear has long been underrated. It is an important component for the way we make decisions.

— Andreea Grecu

February 29, 2016

Dead Man (or Woman) Walking

In 2016, the events dedicated to Constantin Brâncuși were enriched with speeches, symposiums and other attempts to highlight the importance we believe we attribute to the artist and his works.

— Andreea Grecu