Critical Nature

Between 22-28 February 2016, Revista ARTA organizes a critical writing workshop for our young collaborators, present and future.

Following our call for debuting art critics in August 2015, we received many proposals for reviews and thematic texts on contemporary art from students or graduates, of which we selected a few for publication in the online magazine. In each of these cases, the editorial team worked together with the writer in drawing up the new text. We realized the need for such extensive training in order for a student or young graduate to become a critically assumed voice.

The workshop organized by the magazine aims at training young collaborators who have recently joined the team, those who want to join us, but it is also an invitation to those who would like to try their hand at art criticism. It is not necessary for participants to have graduated from an art-related university, and there is no age limit. We encourage participation from those who are curious, open, unbiased and daring – and who want to build a critical discourse and be active on the contemporary art scene in Romania.

The workshop is organized together with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses in 2016 the curatorial project initiated by Diana Marincu and Anca Mihulet, “The White Dot and the Black Cube”. Participants will be invited to produce a critical text in response to this project. The best of these texts will be awarded and published in the online magazine.

During this week, there will be an introduction session, three training sessions and one feedback session to the texts produced by the participants. The three training sessions will be led by: Magda Cârneci, editor in chief of Revista ARTA; Daria Ghiu, art critic and curator; and Cristina Bogdan, online editor of the Revista ARTA. They will cover issues such as researching and preparing a review; conducting interviews with artists and curators; drafting and editing the piece. Sessions will take place in the afternoon, in the space on the 4th floor of the museum. Participants must be available throughout the week.

To register for the workshop, please send an email with a brief overview of your training and motivation, to until February 14, 2016.

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