#64-65 UAP Awards 2022

“As always in recent years, issue 64-65, the third issue in 2023 of ARTA magazine, is dedicated to several major collective programs of the Romanian Fine Artists Union. The main dossier of the issue includes texts and images about SNAC – The National Salon of Contemporary Arts. Now in its sixth annual edition in its post-1989 formula, and thus resumed in 2018, SNAC 2023 is placed under the general thematic banner of ‘Survival’ in these troubled and tense times. With over 300 visual artists from all over the country, SNAC took place in 9 art galleries and 3 partner museums in Bucharest.

The second thematic dossier of this issue is dedicated to the 2023 UAP Awards. UAP’s priority project, like SNAC, which has also been running continuously for several years, the UAP Awards – 19 in number – were awarded to the following disciplines: painting, sculpture, graphics, design, multimedia, decorative arts, scenography, diaspora, art critique, youth, religious art, art in the public space, excellence, ARTA magazine, the UAP Board of Directors, the Jury, the AVV Foundation, Ion Atanasiu Delamare, and last but not least, the grand prize. Detailed presentations of the winners can be found in the pages of the magazine.”

Magda Cârneci


Marina Oprea

Marina Oprea (b.1989) lives and works in Bucharest and is the current editor of the online edition of Revista ARTA. She graduated The National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, with a background i...