October 26, 2017


OFF Biennale in Budapest is attempting to feed joy into the machines. What can we make of this?

— Cristina Bogdan

October 14, 2017


Intermedia and interdisciplinarity, the subtle mix of poetry and activism, an interest for technology and nature: AGF as paradigmatic example of the contemporary posthumanist scene.

— Raluca Oancea (Nestor)

October 9, 2017

The Romanian Family

A discussion of the play The Sugarless Family [Familia fără zahăr], a civic response to the violent actions of the organisation Coalition for the Family.

— Valentina Iancu

September 29, 2017


Initially, electronic dance music brought people together more than just under one roof; no matter the race, social class or sexual orientation. An interview with the artists of Corp.

— Valentina Iancu