October 29, 2015

Queer Timing After the Wall

Queer time, especially in the (non)spaces of theater and performance, or in queer spaces such as clubs and the BDSM scene, has the potential to generate a new way of exchanging knowledge.

— Göksu Kunak

October 22, 2015


Unaltered by time and apparently culturally unanchored, Decebal Scriba’s work ignores the political dimensions of man, in favor of an in depth and spatial search of experiences.

— Rareș Grozea

October 20, 2015

Consumed by Technology

Rising from the post-industrial aesthetic of Bucharest and reaching beyond the post-communist artistic expressions, Suprainfinit gallery makes its entry as one of the new cool kids in town.

— Gizella Popescu

October 12, 2015

Revolutionary Gear

Veda Popovici’s work on display at Atelier 35 uses the tool of re-historicisation – or re-narration – of art history as a starting point for a revolutionary feminist discourse.

— Richard Pettifer