January 26, 2016


Andreea-Lorena Buțincu’s first solo show, “Skinned” is an ambiguous success: it seems to be asking the viewer for a bivalent reception, with the works themselves in an in-between state.

— Yigru Zeltil

January 11, 2016

The First Permanent Digital Museum in Romania

The so-called “digital museum” in the town of Pecica opened on October 29th 2013 and it is, as far as functionality goes, an ultramodern information and visiting center for a nearby buffalo farm.

— Gizella Popescu

January 6, 2016

The Kite

In November, CNDB hosted the last part of the educational platform dedicated to Japanese dance (and its intersection with Romanian dance), initiated by Cosmin Manolescu, “Eastern Connections”.

— Valentina Iancu