Marta Jecu

Marta Jecu is researcher at the CICANT, Universidade Lusofona, Lisbon and freelance curator. She has published in magazines like: E-Flux, Kaleidoscope, Berlin Art Link, Idea Art+Society, Journal of Curatorial Studies, Esse Arts + Opinions, and books such as: Jim Elkins (Ed.): “Contemporary Visual Culture Reader,” Routledge, New York, 2012, Iulia Dondorici (Ed.): "Rumänien heute“, Passagen Verlag, Wien, 2011 etc. She curated a.o. in 2011 in Lisbon Subtle Construction and edited the volume: Marta Jecu (Ed.): "Subtle Construction", Bypass, Malmo, Lisbon, 2011. She curated Open Monument at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin, in May-June 2013 and edited "Open Monument", Revolver Verlag, Berlin. Her volume "Architecture and the Virtual" will appear this year at University of Chicago Press (U.S.) and Intellect Book (U.K.).