Marta Jecu

Marta Jecu is researcher at the CICANT, Universidade Lusofona, Lisbon and freelance curator. She has published in magazines like: E-Flux, Kaleidoscope, Berlin Art Link, Idea Art+Society, Journal of Curatorial Studies, Esse Arts + Opinions, and books such as: Jim Elkins (Ed.): “Contemporary Visual Culture Reader,” Routledge, New York, 2012, Iulia Dondorici (Ed.): "Rumänien heute“, Passagen Verlag, Wien, 2011 etc. She curated a.o. in 2011 in Lisbon Subtle Construction and edited the volume: Marta Jecu (Ed.): "Subtle Construction", Bypass, Malmo, Lisbon, 2011. She curated Open Monument at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin, in May-June 2013 and edited "Open Monument", Revolver Verlag, Berlin. Her volume "Architecture and the Virtual" will appear this year at University of Chicago Press (U.S.) and Intellect Book (U.K.).

September 18, 2020


The exhibition by the two German artists depicts the city of Berlin before the fall of the Wall, and the consequences of this period, seen through the lens of ’80s and ’90s subcultures.

— Marta Jecu